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Serving Set

Serving Set


This serving set by Chinkaara is made from premium quality Acacia Wood and comes with three sturdy serving bowls with wooden lids.


It has been uniquely designed to make it look great in any type of table. This serving set is great for serving Nuts, Sweets, Chocolates and mouth freshener.



Tray 35.5x12.7x3.8.

Bowls 10.16x10.16x5


  • Additional Details

    About The Product - Handcrafted Elegant Wooden Serving Bowl Set :

    Chinkaara Design is a brand dealing in kitchen utensils, tableware, and serve-ware products. Every item is made from pure wood that was obtained ethically and sustainably. The greatest in the industry match our designer. For greater durability, the raw materials are carefully chosen & processed. Wooden serving bowls are a durable, environmentally responsible option for serving equipment. Its multipurpose beauty makes it more than just kitchenware; it also makes it a work of wooden art that may be displayed. The wooden bowl gives your guests' tables an exceptionally modern presence. It was skillfully made in Rajasthan, India, by knowledgeable artisans. Choose from a variety of wooden products that we handcrafted specifically for you out of love and care. The Chinkaara wooden bowl set has a gorgeous, carved deer in the center. Choose the most luxurious contemporary style for your dining area. It can also be utilized to decorate the center table. Purchase products from the most recent, expertly produced collection.


    Specifications & Details :

    This chinkaara serving set is composed of high-quality wood and includes three sturdy serving bowls with wooden lids. Its distinctive design makes it look fantastic on any table. Three wooden bowls are included in the set.

    Tray: 35.5*12.7*3.8

    Bowls: 10.16*10.16*5

    It makes them suitable wooden bowls for presenting three different foods and snacks simultaneously. It looks stylish and elegant, is perfect for home use, and its design will make serving and eating more enjoyable.


    Multiutility -  Wooden Serving Bowl Set :

    It is an amazing product to give a luxurious & dynamic look to the kitchen & dining table as well. It is a handmade lightweight serving bowl set. It can be used in various ways to serve a variety of items.

    • Serving different snacks in the bowls set - It can be used to serve dry snacks like biscuits, namkeen, chips, cookies, and dry fruits.
    • Wooden Salad Serving Bowl- This wooden serving bowl set can be used to serve salad or fruits in the set for guests.
    • It can be used as an appetizer platter tray.
    • It can also be used as keeping mouth freshener or any candy in the bowl set.
    • The most beautiful way in which it can be used as a decorative item is to make it a Potpourri Bowl & put it in the center of the table.
    • Premium Acacia Wood Product

    Chinkaara Design makes wooden serving bowls set out of acacia wood, a naturally occurring material. As a result of its chemical insensitivity, wood is not responsive. The acacia wood used in the production of the wooden cutlery holders by Chinkaara Design gives them a distinctive and lively appearance. The serving bowl set with lid is made of high-quality acacia wood, which has antibacterial characteristics and is totally free of formaldehyde and BPA. It is also chemical and toxin-free. One of the toughest trees is the acacia. Acacia is stronger, non-slippery, and has excellent scratch resistance, unlike the majority of other timbers. Acacia is unable of absorbing liquids. With the right maintenance, the exquisitely made and painted sculpture will last for a very long time. It provides the house's main structure an antique or contemporary appearance. Customers can buy the wooden bowl set we provide online. Wood goods always safeguard the environment. In order to save the environment, Chinkaara Design makes the best wooden utensil boxes. We support India's indigenous artists and cultures because we believe they are the most suitable for modern responsibilities.


    Customized And Finished Paintwork :

    By merging modern design with a classic finish, the goods from Chinkaara Design instantly improve the interior of the home and increase the overall beauty of the dining room. These specialized items are constructed with premium acacia wood and the wooden serving bowl set is made entirely of long-lasting designer wood. Visitors notice a home's design first, and the kitchen is usually the center of attention. Include handicrafts made with love in the kitchen, such as organizers or items, to enhance the ambiance of the cuisine. Elegante and amusement, in our opinion, matter. These things made our kitchen more comfortable. Each handpainted piece in our collection is expertly crafted and a stunning display of traditional craftsmanship. Select a wooden serving bowl set to give your server a more contemporary appearance. Its divisions for various objects make picking out your items simple.


    Built-In Quality For Durability-

    Wooden Serving Bowl Wooden products are made to withstand a variety of weather conditions. They are resilient. For a very long time, a lot of wood has been used to adorn our kitchen. Chinkaara Design crafts wooden cutlery carriers out of raw materials. Wood is a non-receptive material because it is insensitive to other chemicals. It gives the home's main structure a traditional aspect. To prevent harm to the paint and engraved work, waterproofing is completed last. Chinkaara Design creates the best hardwood cutlery cases to protect the environment. Accept the unique and appealing designs that provide beauty to every nook and cranny of your home. As plastic and wood are handled, minor scratches will appear; some will be visible, while others won't. The buildup of microbes in these grooves is less of an issue because wood is a solid material. To guarantee that the hardwood cutlery caddy keeps its size and shape in all weather conditions, it is baked. Additionally, it is termite-proofed to ensure the longevity of the stand.


    Characteristics Of Wooden Serving Bowl :

    Made of Acacia Wood- The tray & bowls are made up of modern acacia wood used for this wooden serving bowl set, which gives each handcrafted item a special touch.

    Handgraved deer design- The handmade wooden serving bowl set is expertly designed by Indian artists and has a simple yet sturdy design. It has a lovely deer engraving design and a sizable space on top. The handcrafted design offers the dining table a wonderful appearance.

    Longevity through Termite Resistance- The hardwood bowl set is baked to ensure that it maintains its size and shape in all weather situations. To enhance the longevity of the stand, it is also termite-proofed.

    Food Grade Coating- Food-safe lacquer has been applied to the top base of the wood, making it suitable for serving food.

    Easy to Maintain- The wooden serving bowl set from The Chinkaara Design is simple to clean and maintain.


       Product Care :

    After rinsing, pat yourself dry. Before storing, the wooden cake stand needs to be quickly dried with a clean cloth and then left outside. To prevent residual moisture from causing warping or cracking, wooden utensils shouldn't be left to dry on their own. Regularly inspect your wooden object for signs of wear, oil, or stains. Check your wooden utensils for any signs of splitting, cracking, or warping. Inspect the grains for any fuzziness that might develop as a result of the grains eventually swelling from being moist. Your wooden utensils' lifespan may be increased and they can receive a regular inspection if you remove stains, sand rough edges, and condition the wood.




  • Is the design unique?
    This tray is designed by our artists and it is copysighted design. So yes, it is an absolutely unique piece of art.

Hand Made.. Hand Painted.. Unique !

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