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Wooden Cutlery Holder

Wooden Cutlery Holder


Cutlery or Stationary holder to add charm to your dining table, kitchen or work table.

Made with beautiful Acacia wood.



  • Additional Details

      Wooden Cutlery Holder- About the Product

    The wooden cutlery holder from Chinkaara Design makes it easier to arrange the fork, knife, and spoon for the table in a neat, upright, and ready-to-use manner. Every single Chinkaara product is made from pure wood that was ethically acquired utilizing green practices. The cutlery holder in your kitchen or dining area should be elegant, small, and expertly made. One such countertop addition that keeps everything prepared and organized is cutlery holders. Our handcrafted products are designed in such a way that you'll find it empowering how they keep your entire house tidy and clean while also getting rid of the clutter in the kitchen and dining areas. Chinkaara Design fashionably presents cutlery stands so that they can be grasped and moved around as needed. These online-only hand-painted cutlery holders are designed to occupy the least amount of space possible at the dinner table. With the help of this cutlery holder for your table, you can tidily store knives, spoons, or any other piece of cutlery. These intelligently designed works of art will make your collection of home furnishings outstanding. You can choose your favorite design from these cutlery holders and stands to perfectly complement the decor of your home.


    Specifications and details


    • Multiutility Product

    By fusing ingenuity and gorgeous design, we develop items that may be used in a multitude of ways. This classy cutlery holder can be placed on your desk at work or in the middle of the dinner table as a fashionable silverware holder. Chinkaara products are a standout in every way, whether you want to use them to store cutlery in the kitchen or to keep utensils on a countertop. This deer-engraved holder can be used to store masks, sprays, and refills in its many compartments as well as to use as a chic cleaning stand. Regional artisans from the heart of India craft it with skill. The multipurpose cutlery holder from Chinkaara Designs promotes the Made in India movement, The versatile cutlery holder functions as a desk organizer, a dressing table organizer, or as a kitchen countertop. The reduced weight and higher durability of hardwood stands are advantages. There are three separate compartments, one for each of the following: a spoon, fork, knife, and tissue paper.


    • Wooden Cutlery Holder-Wood type

    The acacia wood used to make the wooden cutlery holders by Chinkaara Design gives them a distinct and colorful appearance. The high-quality, chemical- and toxin-free acacia wood used to make the wooden cutlery holder is known for its antibacterial effects and is 100% BPA and formaldehyde-free. One of the most resilient trees is acacia. This beautiful, environmentally safe wood makes it possible to display your silverware both indoors and outside. The preferred wood for kitchen use is acacia because of its high density, which offers a secure surface that won't harm your knife or fork. Our acacia wood cutlery holder has built-in handles and has been pre-treated with a special oil combination. Acacia is non-slippery and tougher than the majority of other woods, as well as having excellent scratch resistance. Acacia is unable to absorb liquids. Compared to other types of wood, this cutlery holder is less prone to breaking. Since Because they are safe for the body, don't absorb heat, and don't interact with other materials, we provide hardwood cooking tools that have been specially coated for performance. With the right maintenance, the exquisitely made and painted sculpture will last for a very long time. For your kitchen or dining area, pick a cutlery holder that is adorable, small, and well-made.


    • Finish & Custom paintwork

    The products from Chinkaara Design enhance the overall beauty of the dining area and quickly improve the house's interior by fusing contemporary design with a traditional finish. The wooden cutlery caddy is made entirely of long-lasting designer wood, and these custom-made pieces are made with high-quality acacia wood. The first thing visitors notice about a house is its decor, and as we all know, the kitchen is its focal point. The ambiance of the food will be reinforced by including handicrafts produced with love products or organizers in the kitchen. We believe elegance and entertainment have an impact. These items raised the level of comfort in our kitchen. Each handpainted item in our collection is made with precision and is a beautiful example of traditional workmanship. To make your server look more modern, choose a wooden cutlery holder. Choosing your cutlery will be easy because it has sections for different items.

    • Sustainable, durable & eco-friendly

    Items made of wood are designed to survive various weather conditions. They are sustainable. Our kitchen has been furnished with a great deal of wood for a very long time. Wooden cutlery carriers are made by Chinkaara Design using natural materials. Due to the insensitivity of wood to other substances, wood is a non-receptive material. It lends the main frame of the home a traditional appearance. Waterproofing is done in the end to avoid any paint damage and engraved work. To save the environment, Chinkaara Design makes the best wooden cutlery cases. Accept the unusual and seductive patterns that add beauty to your home's every corner. Minor scratches will develop as plastic and wood are handled, some of which will be noticeable and others not. Because wood is solid, the accumulation of microorganisms in these grooves is less of a concern. The hardwood cutlery caddy is baked to ensure that it maintains its shape and size in all-weather circumstances. It is also termite proofed to assure the stand's endurance.



    • Dependable iron handles The metallic handles are constructed of rust-free iron, which guarantees the hardwood cutlery holder's strength and durability.
    • Simplistic And Sturdy Design Featuring a wooden cutlery stand with one large and three tiny compartments with an elegant deer engraving motif. The dining table stand's handcrafted style gives it a beautiful appearance.
    • Easy to maintain The wooden cutlery holder from Chinkaara Design is easy to clean and maintain.
    • Grade A Lacquer Coating for Food Food-grade lacquer has been applied to the top base of the wood, making it suitable for serving both adults and children.
    • Termite-resistant for Longevity
    • Make every event memorable with lovely handcrafted wooden items that add a touch of elegance to your kitchen and home.


    • Unique facts about the Wooden Cutlery Holder by Chinkaara Designs
    • A multipurpose 3-in-1 stand with tissue and napkin storage that also functions as a lovely spoon, fork, or knife display is a necessary kitchen organizer.
    • One of the best kitchen organizers you can get is an exquisite stainless steel fork holder because it can function as a tissue holder, napkin dispenser, and cutlery rack.
    • This cutlery caddy is crafted from the best wood available. It is being tested for quality control before shipping and will last for many years.
    • Ditch the separate tissue boxes at the dining table; instead, use this two-in-one, multipurpose knife, fork, and spoon set to keep tissues and napkins close at hand.
  • Is the design unique?
    This tray is designed by our artists and it is copysighted design. So yes, it is an absolutely unique piece of art.

Hand Made.. Hand Painted.. Unique !

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