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Desert Cat Collection Tray

Desert Cat Collection Tray


Handmade and Handpainted Wooden Tray - Desert Cat Collection of Chinkaara!


Imagine this charming "Hand Painted Wooden Tray'' on your table to welcome your family and friends!


This beautiful hand crafted, and hand painted Mango Wood tray is from our “Desert Cat” collection. It is individually made by our skillful artisans of Rajasthan, using delicate Eco-friendly paints. This tray is perfect to serve your guests and its vibrant color and unique design makes it a perfect pick to be a decorative addition for your kitchen or living room in your home. Will also serve as a wonderful keepsake, gift for you, your family and friends. 


  • Additional Details

    Handpainted Designer Wooden Tray - Desert Cat Collection Of Chinkaara :

    The handpainted designer wooden tray from Chinkaara Designs is incredibly durable because it is made of high-quality wood. The handles' curved finishing exudes elegance and originality. The wooden serving tray is adorned with a lovely handpainted cat impression that adds a splash of color wherever it is kept. This is an essential work of art for your kitchen or serveware section. This is a genuine blend of beauty & style to dazzle the visitor. This ornamental piece for your home will let you serve and entertain your guests in style. It makes the home and table feel luxurious and elegant. Buy a wooden serving tray, the most lavish & contemporary look you are looking for in your house. It will require more cautious handling and last longer. It can also be utilized to decorate the center table. Purchase products from the most recent, expertly produced collection. This product is a smart choice. It will always make a lovely decor because of its delicate and exquisite modeling. This pure mango wood - the handmade wooden serving tray is ideal for use for day-to-day purposes at a home for serving tea, coffee, snacks, etc. It can also be used for classy house parties.


    Multi-Utility Handcrafted Colorful Tray :

    We create products with a variety of uses by blending creativity with stunning design. Products from Chinkaara are exceptional in every manner, whether you want to use them to store glasses on a countertop or keep them in the kitchen.

    • Home serving trays: wooden serving tray for presenting drinks and food to guests. Use it frequently to serve meals, tea, or coffee at home.
    • Parties with a wooden tray: Impress your guests by presenting appetizers, dry fruits, snacks, or dessert on this lovely hand-painted wooden tray.
    • Breakfast in bed: This wooden tray is the greatest or ideal option for those who enjoy eating breakfast in bed. You can properly set the tray on the bed without spilling it because of its stability and durability.
    • A wooden handpainted tray with vibrant color can be used as a decorative item in the living room or dining room and can be placed as a centerpiece for the table.


    • Wooden Tray- Wood Type

    As mango wood was used to make them, the wooden serving tray by Chinkaara Design has a distinctive and colorful appearance. The tray is manufactured from premium mango wood, which is chemical and toxin-free, formaldehyde and BPA free, and is known to have antibacterial characteristics. One of the most popular tree species is the mango tree. Thanks to its wonderful, environmentally friendly wood, it may be shown both indoors and outside. Mango's high density makes it the ideal wood for kitchen use. Mango wood is more durable than the majority of other types of wood, has outstanding scratch resistance, and is non-slip. Mango wood can absorb liquids. In comparison to other types of wood, this handmade wooden tray is less likely to shatter. Because they are healthy for the body, don't absorb heat, and don't interact with other materials, we offer hardwood culinary utensils with performance coating. With the right maintenance, the exquisitely made and painted cat pattern will last for a very long time. Select a cutlery holder for your kitchen or living area that is adorable, small, and well-made.


    High-Quality Craftwork :

    By merging modern design with a classic finish, the products from Chinkaara Design instantly improve the interior of the home and increase the overall beauty of the dining room. Bring this lovely wooden serving tray that has been hand-painted to enhance the way you serve your guests. These custom-crafted pieces are made with premium wood and are constructed out of long-lasting designer wood. Visitors notice a home's design first, and the kitchen is usually the center of attention. Include handicrafts made with love in the kitchen, such as organizers or items, to enhance the ambiance of the cuisine. Elegante and amusement, in our opinion, matter. These things made our kitchen more comfortable. Each hand-painted piece in our collection is expertly crafted and a stunning display of conventional craftsmanship. Indian artisans and talented craftsmen created our exclusive line. Chinkaara Designs supports the Created in India movement and all of our products are made by artisans from Rajasthan. For improved durability and safety, the raw materials are carefully chosen and finished with food-grade materials.


    Features Of Desert Cat Collection Tray :

    • Made of Mango Wood: The wooden tray is constructed from traditional mango wood that has been handpainted to add a unique touch to each piece that is individually created.
    • Handpainted Cat Design: The handcrafted tray has a straightforward yet dependable design that was skillfully created by Indian artists. It has a spacious top and a wonderful handpainted design. The dining table has a lovely appearance thanks to the handcrafted design.
    • The hardwood tray is baked to guarantee that it keeps its size and shape in all weather conditions, increasing longevity through termite resistance. The stand is additionally termite-proofed to extend its lifespan.
    • Food Grade Coating: The top base of the wood has been coated with a food-safe lacquer, making it perfect for serving food.
    • Simple to Maintain: The hardwood serving tray by Chinkaara Design is easy to keep clean.
    • Advantages
    • Wooden Serving tray for the home has advanced: Wooden tableware is the best environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cutlery because of its benefits for society, health, and the economy.
    • Less of an Issue: Biodegradable wooden cutlery is simple to throw away when disposed of properly.
    • Reusable: You may use them again and again for various jobs, such as turning them into compost for your garden. They could also be used for recycling distribution.
    • Safer: Because wooden dinnerware has no sharp edges and does not encourage the spread of bacteria, it is safer to use than metal, ceramic, and plastic.
    • Elegant: Each person's picnic tables and seating arrangements are distinctive due to the absence of cutlery.

    Care Instructions :

    If rinsed, wipe the serving tray with a dry cloth. Before being stored with a clean cloth, the wooden tray needs to be quickly dried outside. It's best not to let wooden utensils dry on their own to prevent warping or splitting due to lingering moisture. Regularly check your wooden object for signs of wear, oil, or stains. Check your wooden utensils for any signs of splitting, cracking, or warping. Inspect the grains for any fuzziness that might develop as a result of the grains eventually swelling from being moist. Your wooden kitchenware may last longer and can undergo repeated examination if you remove stains, sand rough edges, and condition the wood.

  • Is the design unique?
    This tray is designed by our artists and it is copysighted design. So yes, it is an absolutely unique piece of art.

Hand Made.. Hand Painted.. Unique !

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