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Chopping Board

Chopping Board


Brown chopping board or snack platter is from our desert flower collection.


It is hand painted by our artisans of Rajasthan. Each piece is uniquely made with mango wood and painted with eco friendly colours.


  • Additional Details

    Individually made by our skilful artisans of Rajasthan, on seasoned Mango Wood and using delicate eco-friendly paints. The vibrant colors and modern designs make these a perfect pick to be a decorative addition for your living spaces. Will also serve as a wonderful keepsake, gift for you, your family and friends.


    Chinkaara is formed with an aim to support local artisans and promote culture. Through our Designs, we celebrate the Wildlife, our designs depict the beauty of THAR DESERT. Each design is a piece of Art, unique and patiently designed by world renowned artists.



  • Is the design unique?
    This tray is designed by our artists and it is copysighted design. So yes, it is an absolutely unique piece of art.

Hand Made.. Hand Painted.. Unique !

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